Is Arcadia Out In Front?

Hey, check out the highlighted pink boat icon . . . that’s Arcadia! Based on time of departure, Arcadia appears to be in the lead in the Spinnaker 1 class. Leaderboard at 10:44 am shows Arcadia, Pos 1, 297 NM to go/487 sailed with FT est 14 June 21:28. Gallant, Pos 2, FT est 14 June 22:31. Integrity, […]

Friday photos of the Arcadia in the Bay

Here are photos from Friday taken by Downstream’s Mike Murdock following Arcadia.

Sails Up, Off We Go: Day 1 A2B

Day 1: Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay Friday June 10 1130–1230 Serenaded by a bagpiper aboard the committee boat, Sister Mary Catherine, Arcadia and crew joined the parade of yachts on review around Spa Creek—in the shadow of the Naval Academy—boats in parade dress, ceremonial flags flying. After warning the other participants, we fired a […]

Final Safety Checks As We Prepare For Open Seas

Thursday, June 9 Beautiful day, light winds out the the NW Sailing to Bermuda, by ancient mariner standards, may not be a treacherous journey, but 600 miles of open ocean is always an adventure — and there is no substitute for preparation. I have to say the excitement is palpable now, and that sense of adventure […]