Arcadia Arrives in Bermuda

Final dispatches 0100 on watch Making 7.5 knots partly cloudy, moonlit night. Search light off Bermuda clearly visible. Running lights from three boats converging on north end of the island and the finish line. Satellite email reports show a very competitive finish. Integrity and Gallant appear to have finished at about 0400. Must have been exciting. […]

Entering the Gulf Stream, Day 3

Day three of the Annapolis Bermuda Race, Arcadia enters the Gulf Stream. We got bogged down leaving the Bay as our steering linkage failed and required an emergency repair, but we overtook several boats during the night as we said goodbye to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and headed for the Gulf Stream.     […]

Only 178 Miles To Bermuda

Lovely Stars Knocks The Pain Out Of Your Arse Tuesday June 14 0100 watch 178 miles from our destination Just a few clouds interspersed among an amazing display of stars. The Big Dipper is close to the horizon to the north almost touching the horizon. The winds are light and variable out of rhe WNW. Our weather […]

Video of A2B Race Start

Enjoy this video of the race start last Friday! Annapolis to Bermuda Race Start from Live More! on Vimeo.

Is Arcadia Out In Front?

Hey, check out the highlighted pink boat icon . . . that’s Arcadia! Based on time of departure, Arcadia appears to be in the lead in the Spinnaker 1 class. Leaderboard at 10:44 am shows Arcadia, Pos 1, 297 NM to go/487 sailed with FT est 14 June 21:28. Gallant, Pos 2, FT est 14 June 22:31. Integrity, […]

Squalls and Light Show, June 13

0900-1130 25 knot winds from the south west. Hit 14.5 on surfing the backside of one 10 footer. Incredible squall and light show last night courtesy of mother nature. Squalls started about 1200. Took a few breakers from the stern.  Thankful we took a northerly route, we have a feeling those to our south and west […]

Friday photos of the Arcadia in the Bay

Here are photos from Friday taken by Downstream’s Mike Murdock following Arcadia.

Sails Up, Off We Go: Day 1 A2B

Day 1: Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay Friday June 10 1130–1230 Serenaded by a bagpiper aboard the committee boat, Sister Mary Catherine, Arcadia and crew joined the parade of yachts on review around Spa Creek—in the shadow of the Naval Academy—boats in parade dress, ceremonial flags flying. After warning the other participants, we fired a […]

Final Safety Checks As We Prepare For Open Seas

Thursday, June 9 Beautiful day, light winds out the the NW Sailing to Bermuda, by ancient mariner standards, may not be a treacherous journey, but 600 miles of open ocean is always an adventure — and there is no substitute for preparation. I have to say the excitement is palpable now, and that sense of adventure […]

A2B Ocean Race Countdown Has Begun!

As Tropical Storm Colin rolls up the east coast and blows out to sea, our final preparations are underway for the 20th running of the Annapolis-Bermuda Ocean Sailing Race. The official start is 1340 on Friday, June 10. The good ship Arcadia, my lifelong friend Lex Birney’s 51-foot Able Marine Apogee, is totally ready! Captain Lex […]