ID this bird?

Our executive director, Bill Howard, photographed this specimen outside our office in Berryville, Virginia as flew from a crepe myrtle and landed nearby. Leucistic or albino, grackle, grosbeak, or blackbird? The jury is still out. Can you identify it?      

A leaking ark: Reports reveal pollution problems and species loss

Two reports released this week reveal dangerous holes in our haphazard collection of environmental safeguards. The first, an investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Inspector General (IG), found that sewage treatment plants in America fail to address hundreds of hazardous chemicals routinely released by industry. The second, by the international conservation group World Wildlife […]

Flora and Fauna at the Farm

When we think of farms and conservation, we usually think of water quality and open space. Sam Quinn of The Farm at Sunnyside in Washington VA wants us to think about something else too: wildlife. Namely, how, with a little thought, biodiversity can help improve a farmer’s bottom line. That was his message to scientists […]