Our Production Team

William R. Howard, Executive Director

Bill is involved in each Downstream production, from beginning to end, organizing, scheduling, and ensuring that each project is of the highest quality and completed on time, and within budget.

David Lillard, Special Projects Managerdlillard

David is a journalist and public affairs writer with extensive background in the issues confronting the Bay watershed, with nearly 30 years of nonprofit leadership experience with national and regional conservation-policy organizations. As an editor, he has collaborated with some of the nation’s best known science and policy writers on nationally distributed commentary. He is a co-founder of the American Conservation Film Festival.

Tom Taylor, Graphic Designer

Tom is a guiding creative force in Downstream’s graphic productions. Tom has worked in all facets of advertising including creative director, art director, graphic designer, and partner of a advertising agency.


Mike Murdock, Videographer/Editor

Mike Murdock brings over thirty years experience as a still photographer, videographer, editor, and producer/director to The Downstream Project. Mike has won several regional and national awards including 3 ITVA Awards, 12 Telly Awards, 2 Videographer Awards, a Cine Golden Eagle, and EMMY nominations for editing and cinematography.



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