Gaining Ground

In partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Gaining Ground project brings together a coalition dedicated to improving the economic and environmental sustainability of Virginia agriculture. A core belief uniting us is that the long-term health of our rural economies and water quality will ultimately depend on how well we take care of our soil. Click here to go to the Gaining Ground Website

Project Background: A farming revolution is spreading across Virginia. Crop producers are switching to continuous no-till systems; livestock farmers are switching to rotational grazing. Both approaches save the farmer time and money. They also benefit the land, restoring soil health and dramatically cutting runoff and erosion. The net result is more profitable and productive farms—and better water quality downstream.

In our two movies, each just 15 minutes long, a dozen Virginia farmers explain how continuous no-till and managed grazing have improved their farms and their lives. Also featured are amazing soil and water demonstrations that show how these farmers are truly gaining ground.

We invite you to watch, listen, and join us in Gaining Ground!
Click on an image below to go to the Gaining Ground Website and watch a full-length movie (15 min. each) or two-minute trailer.

Successful no-till farmers tell their storiesSuccessful graziers tell their stories