Respect the Shenandoah Campaign

Downstream partnered with Shenandoah Riverkeeper Mark Frondorf and The Commons to establish and promote the “Respect the Shenandoah” campaign using Water Reporter monitoring and citizen engagement.

The goal is to return the Shenandoah River to the condition of health and beauty that many of us remember from days gone by when there were healthy fish populations and clear, clean water for paddling and swimming.

This is not just a dream. There are solutions that can be put in place by people of goodwill throughout the Valley that will enable the Valley to prosper economically as well as environmentally. Through the Shenandoah Watershed Compact process, Mark was able to bring people across the watershed together around a collaboratively built and shared vision for a clean, healthy river. Respect the Shenandoah launches that shared vision.

Downstream Video: “Toward a Trash-Free Shenandoah”

Respect the Shenandoah Campaign is the topic of an Internet of Water Webinar featuring John Dawes (the Commons) and Mark Frondorf (Shenandoah Riverkeeper).

More info: Read Erin Hoffman’s excellent Common Syndicate article on Respect the Shenandoah.