Water Watch Integration

Monitoring water quality helps keep streams safe. But data alone won’t drive action if the right people can’t see or understand it.
Downstream has the tools to turn data into stories.

Water Watch is a citizen engagement program designed by the Downstream Project to connect watershed groups with members, activate volunteers, quantify stream restoration outcomes, and alert the public about stream contamination. The foundation of the Water Watch platform is built around two cloud-based applications developed by Chesapeake Commons.

The Downstream team customizes each Water Watch integration depending on an individual partner’s needs, combining member/donor outreach and management tools that support the core capabilities of Water Reporter and Field Doc:

Water Reporter is a social network that shares images, observations, and monitoring data to fuel social media campaigns for improving water quality. Learn more about Water Reporter here

Field Doc measures stream restoration impacts of management practices at the project and parcel level. Learn more about Field Doc here