South River Watershed: The Next Hundred Years

After more than 20 years of mercury monitoring, the South River Science Team became the independent, nonprofit South River Watershed Coalition in 2022. The Science Team formally launched in 2001, nearly 25 years after the Dupont Company discovered legacy mercury contamination at its Waynesboro rayon plant. It included citizen groups, public agencies, and the company in a 100-year monitoring and remediation effort. Now the Watershed Coaltion is poised to do more than remediate past harms. They are the champions of a vision to create a restored and healthy river ecosystem for the plants, wildlife, and people who depend on and enjoy the South River. 

Over the past several months, The Downstream Project partnered the Watershed Council to bring their history and vision to life through a new website. One feature sets South River Watershed Coalition’s website apart from nearly every other watershed organization in the Chesapeake Bay: dual language functionality. Visitors can choose between English and Spanish for a complete browsing experience. They can even view the extensive video library narrated in Spanish.

The South River 52.6 miles from Waynesboro to Port Republic, where it merges with the North River to form the South Fork Shenandoah River. Explore the watershed and the Coalition.

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