EcoVenture Days 15-16 Webcast

Days 15 and 16 mark the end of the trail portion of the trip and find our heroes leaving Blackrock Hut for a strenuous 13 mile hike to Calf Mountain shelter. They settle in their tents for a cold night hoping it won’t snow. No such luck. The final hike in Shenandoah National Park is […]

EcoVenture Day 14 Webcast

Bob Proudman from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy with a campfireside chat about the beginnings of the National Scenic Trail System and the creation and protection of the AT in particular: “How to protect this thread between the emeralds on this necklace that covers 14 states…?”

EcoVenture Day 13 Webcast

Carl recounts a 7-mile slog through fog and rain to Ivy Creek, and shows off the front page of the Shenandoah Sun (SU’s newspaper).

EcoVenture Day 12

SU’s John Stevens recounts the days’s activities, beginning at Hightop Hut and a steep hike to Smith Roach Gap and meeting up with Steve Bair of the National Park Service for a talk on the history of Shenandoah National Park and the creation of Skyline Drive as the “main vein” along the Blue Ridge. Then […]

EcoVenture Day 11 Webcast

SU’s Kelley Mitchell leads the way up to Hightop Summit, amazing views, and a pinnacle picnic. Back at Hightop Hut, Carl looks forward to a sumptuous repast….

EcoVenture Day 10 Webcast

Downstream executive director and SEV Tech Coordinator Bill Howard summarizes day 10 as “A Walk in the Woods”, in recognition of acoustic guitarist Steve DeVries, who entertained our crew with his tune of the same name, in the cozy confines of Lydia Mountain Cabin. A hike to Bald Face Mountain was highlighted by a procession […]

EcoVenture Day 9 Webcast

Professor John Copenhaver expresses gratitude to God, nature, friends, and family for their accompaniment on the trip thusfar…and for blackberry cobbler.

EcoVenture Day 8 Webcast

Travis Patterson reflects on fantastic meals (and real beds) at Skyland Lodge. Why suffer when surrounded by such beauty? The team tags Monarch butterflies before their southward migration.

EcoVenture Day 7 Webcast

The team sets out from Fell Cabin at Skyland (hot showers!). SEV videographer George Patterson, ignoring all “Don’t Feed the Hikers” signs, does intimate interviews on the subject of “snacking”. John Copenhaver on religion’s “providentially abundant” relationship with ecology.

EcoVenture Day 6 Webcast

httpvhd:// We reached the highest point of the trail in the Shenandoah National Park just below Stoney Man summit. We were amazed at the number of people day hiking and witnessed first hand what our presenters referred to as damage to outcrop vegetation and potential nesting areas that could be closed off from the park. […]