Local is here

This past weekend, our local farmers market reopened for the season in Shepherdstown, W. Va where many of us on the Downstream team live. From now until December, locavores can follow the seasons with fresh food grown in nearby fields and orchards, support open space, and reduce the high fossil fuel footprint of transporting food […]

The New Farm Bill: What does it mean for conservation?

A few days ago we tweeted that the 2014 Farm Bill on deck for this week’s vote would be good news/bad news for conservation. And in recent weeks we’ve blogged about how Congress’ failure to reauthorize the Farm Bill this past summer created harmful gaps in conservation programs this fall. So now that both the […]

Dreaming – and planning – with local food map

It’s cooooold out there, and the frozen ground is covered with several inches of snow in the Shenandoah Valley and much of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. What a perfect time to start dreaming about local food: sweet strawberries in June, crispy cucumbers in July and tasty tomatoes in August.     Locavores – people who […]