Historic Long Branch Presents Environmental Preservation Award to Downstream Founder

Long Branch Historic House and farm began the holiday season with its “Olde English Christmas.” Over 250 people attended the black-tie event hosted by Thomas T. and Sharon Byrd. Two new awards were presented at the gala and the Environmental Preservation Award was received by Downstream Project founder, George L. Ohrstrom II. Among his many contributions to conservation, George has been instrumental in the development of Long Branch’s family picnic event, which focuses on environmental awareness at the site, which drew its water and name from a tributary of the Shenandoah River, which crosses the estate property.

Harry Stimpsom presents the award to George Ohrstrom

Harry Stimpson presents the award to George Ohrstrom


  1. He does deserve it, for all he did and all he is aspiring to do. What a wonderful environmental role model! Yay!

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