Elks Run Watershed Group Launches Water Reporter App

Elks Run is a small watershed in Jefferson County, W.Va., that drains about 18 square miles. Wending through mostly private lands, the small stream is hidden from view except where crosses beneath bridges on public road. But the people of Harpers Ferry and Bolivar know it well because it serves as municipal the drinking water supply. It’s also listed as an impaired stream by the State of West Virginia.

Efforts by a wide range of local groups and agencies are focusing on raising public awareness this pastoral stream on the website of the Elks Run Watershed Group. These partners, coordinated by West Virginia Rivers Coalition, are excited to have The Downstream Project deploy Water Reporter on the Elks Run website. The site now has a visual depiction of photos captured by volunteers along the run. The idea is to enable volunteers to capture moments in time — whether to report a problem or to celebrate the beauty of Elks Run.

Photos are added by uploading them from the free Water Reporter app. The technology, developed by the nonprofit Chesapeake Commons, empowers everyone with an iOS or Android phone to upload water photos into a data base that creates watershed-based photo maps. The reports are automatically sent to watershed groups who join the River Reporter. See in on display here.

The Downstream Project is pleased to collaborate with Chesapeake Common on a goal of helping watershed groups throughout West Virginia use Water Reporter with their volunteers.

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