Shenandoah EcoVenture 2009 is a go!

We are pleased to have engaged the faculty and students of Shenandoah University in this, the inaugural Downstream Project EcoVenture.

Shenandoah EcoVenture 2009 will be an exciting, interactive event that will open our mission—and our outdoor adventures—to anyone with a computer. Mountains, trails, and rivers will be our classroom, a learning environment linked to any school or college wishing to participate. Along the way we will involve experts from a wide range of fields: zoologists, conservationists, climate experts, park rangers, arborists, historians, botanists, riverkeepers, water quality experts—and the list keeps growing. We will use the latest in Web-based technologies—including live video feeds, Webcasts,  InstaMapper GPS tracking to chronicle our adventures in “real time”. Anyone with access to the Internet can share in this exciting and educational Ecoventure.

4 thoughts on “Shenandoah EcoVenture 2009 is a go!

    1. Gary: The EcoVenture project folks at TDP are working out final details this week with Shenandoah U. Will make postings ASA they occur.

  1. Well, you’re off ! This should be a wonderful opportunity to get to know a very special part of the world. My perents spent their honeymoon at Range View shelter, in 1939. We, ( they and my sister and I ) spent weeks there during the forties, as well as at other shelters along the trail. How well I remember the excellent berry picking, and the supercharged clean air, among numerous other delights. Be sure to take along some good warm clothing for the chilly nights !

    Best wishes for you all.


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