EcoVenture Day 3 Webcast

October 5, 2009
Imagine the Appalachian Trail as your classroom and receiving instruction from the likes of William McShea, Senior Research Scientist with the Smithsonian Institute; T’ai Roulston, ecologist from Blandy Experimental Farm; and Wendy Cass, botanist with the National Park Service. These presentations were the special highlights of Day 3 of the Shenandoah Ecoventure summarized here by seasoned trekker, Shenandoah University religion major, Carl Chapman, while in repose at our evening lodging, the AT’s Range View Cabin.

2 thoughts on “EcoVenture Day 3 Webcast

  1. Dear e-co-venture friends,
    Just watched your first three days of video. What an amazing learning experience! My family and I were so happy to be able to hook up with you at the trailhead to Compton Gap. You are off to a strong start!
    All my best,
    Tracy Fitzsimmons
    President, Shenandoah University

  2. Hi Gang!

    I’ve played your Day 3 Post several times and learned something new from it each time. The flickering fire, Carl’s informative narration and the film segments (by Bill, George, Travis, and…?) combined to make an appealing and educational Ecoventure snapshot. What a treat to be able to learn about the Blue Ridge from T’ai Rouston, Bill McShea and Wendy Cass.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Woody Bousquet
    Chair, Environmental Studies
    Shenandoah University

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