One thought on “EcoVenture Day 8 Webcast

  1. Hi John Cope!

    The movies are great. It’s sort of like a reality TV show… but I hope no-one gets voted off the trail…especially you. I’m glad you went up Stoney Man. That place has special meaning for me (which I believe I already told you about and cannot repeat in public). Did you see the “Stone Man” face from one of the overlooks before you went up it? That’s a cool sight.

    Deeds and McDonnell had a debate last night and, unfortunately, I think McDonnell won handily. Deeds is a good man but has trouble articulating the progressive agenda. We’ve done a few bike trips but we all keep looking off at the Blue Ridge because you’re not with us.

    Glad the weather’s been so good for you. Keep the faith! Remember, even if it gets tedious sometimes, it’s a lot more exciting up there than down here!


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