Downstream Video: Prescribed Fire at Steamboat Run near Shepherdstown, WV

The Downstream Project teamed up with Steamboat Run Community Organization (Than Hitt) and Potomac Valley Audubon (KC Walters) to produce a brief video on a prescribed burn in the Steamboat Run meadow near Shepherdstown, WV.

On February 20th Shepherdstown area residents gathered in the Steamboat Run meadow to witness the expertise of James Remuzzi and crew of Shepherdstown-based Sustainable Solutions, LLC.

Prescribed fire can be an extremely effective tool for managing ecosystem health. The benefits of a Sustainable burn plan are many and varied: improving wildlife habitats; preventing catastrophic wildfires; improving access and aesthetics; preparing sites for seeding or planting; controlling insects and disease; improving forage, and perpetuating fire dependent species.

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