BRCA Webinar: An Introduction to Conservation Easements

Get a Jump Start on Protecting Your Land in 2021:
An Introduction to Conservation Easements

December 8, 2020
6:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Virtual Webinar


Do you own and love your land — whether it’s for agriculture, forest, wildlife viewing and habitat, water, or simply its open space?  Have you invested time, money, and work into maintaining it? Would you like to see your land and efforts remain in tact..even after the land changes hands?

Learn about a tool that ensures the protection of your land through a conservation easement. The Land Trust of Virginia and the Piedmont Environmental Council will lead a presentation and discussion about conservation easements. Landowners will also be on-call to answer questions about their personal experiences with protecting their land.

If you’re unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded and available to review on the Blue Ridge Conservation Alliance website. We will be sending out a registration link in the very soon.

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