Downstream Web Hosting: Ascending to the Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

The Downstream Project Web Team is pleased to announce a significant advancement in our Web Hosting services. This month we are migrating our Partner Websites to the Google Cloud Platform, a new offering from our friends at Flywheel, Downstream’s trusted web hosting provider. Downstream partners will share the benefits of a range of Google Cloud services, adopted by some of the biggest and best companies and organizations in the world.

Here are just some of the highlight features of Google Cloud services that will benefit our Downstream partners:

AUTO-HEALING: Your WordPress site will heal itself in the event of service failure.

INSTANT SCALING: Spikes in traffic are managed dynamically.

WEBSITE STAGING: When significant changes need to be made and tested, we’ll set up a staging site.

FREE CDN: A Content Delivery Network means faster page loads and quick video streaming.

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